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Sustainable Resource

>90% of all of our products use natural rubber, obtained from rubber sap harvested from rubber trees. This process does not harm the tree, nor arethe trees cut down.

Rubber trees can be sustainably harvested for approximately 35 years.

Eco Material

Our products are PVC-free.

>90% of our paper packaging materials are biodegradable and some contain more than 50% recycled material.

Employee Awareness

We educate our employees to reduce our carbon footprint at the office and home.

We emphasize on the importance of recycling and disposing recyclable materials into assigned recycling bins.

Energy Efficiency

We consciously select energy-efficient machinery and electrical appliances to replace old ones. This helps improve our efficiency, reduces our carbon footprint and improves our cost competitiveness.

recycled materials-squashed.jpg
Green Products

Among the breakthroughs our research team has had, the development of Green Products has been the most rewarding.

The range of compounds developed for our Green Products can incorporate up to 85% of rubber waste materials into our compounds that are non-toxic, safe and hygienic.

Upcycling Process

We are committed to wisely upcycle our waste while maintaining the quality standards of our products.

Our factory currently uses rubber waste from our factory as well as neighbouring factories and upcycle it into our production chain. Doing this gives us a positive ra ther than a negative carbon footprint.

Often, it is assumed that products using recycled materials reduce the quality of the product. Our upcycling process is unique as we have technically perfected the process of breaking down the vulcanized waste to incorporate into our products. The added recycled materials do not affect the final quality of our products.

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