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Our team is equipped with knowledge and experience in producing an array of rubber products for numerous industries. We continually challenge ourselves to rethink and improve how things are made.

Established in 1991, Principal Win began as a rubber products manufacturer in Penang, Malaysia producing swim fins and bath mats. 


Our Managing Director, Mr Ng Chin Peng, knew the key to providing great rubber products was to produce our own rubber compounds and be technically sound in Rubber Technology.


Today, we have grown both in size and know-how. Our manufacturing plant sits on 1.5 acres of land and has three production buildings equipped with the latest compounding and moulding machinery. 


We are continually challenging ourselves to rethink how things are made and to make them better. 


Today, we serve customers from over 30 countries worldwide from different industries. Our rubber product range includes rubber swim fins, dive and lifeguard products, baby and pet toys, anti-slip floor and mats, household products, rubber bands, industrial- grade products like rubber fasteners and straps, hydraulic seals and rubber linings for butterfly valves. 

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"Every customer we serve shares a common need for quality, value for money, responsiveness & flexibility."
Material Safety and Regulation

All the raw materials, including chemicals and colour pigments, are non- toxic and in compliance with Europe’s REACH SVHC, PAH and ROHSrequirements. Our baby products further comply with EN-71 requirements.

Specialist in colour rubber products
Moulding practicality with aesthetic
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